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Itty's 4sale!

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My sales post is on hiatus until further notice. I just started a new FT job and I'm no longer able to go to the post office as I please and my hours are the same as my closest USPS.. ^^;; if you are interested in an item, or items, please leave a comment below and I will let you know ASAP when I'm available to reliably ship things again. Thanks for stopping by!

●  100% Feedback can be found HERE/HERE and HERE.

●  Sales permission for smcollector can be found HERE. (July 15, 2012)

●  My ~* Wish List * ~ can be found HERE.

●  Please include your Zip Code in your comment so I can calculate shipping options for you. All totals will include Delivery Confirmation to protect both the buyer and the seller.

●  DO NOT PM me on here about buying something!!

●  I will not ship outside the United States unless we've done business before or we're familiar with one another (i.e. talked a lot here on LJ, FB, etc...) Sorry I've heard too many horror stories...

●  PayPal is preferred.

●  Last Updated - October 2012

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**Comments will be deleted after the transaction is complete, i.e. buyer receives items and or feedback has been left


Wish List...

My Artemis Playing in Flowers
These are all the things that I hope to someday own. I doubt I'll ever own most of these items, but I can dream! ^_^ I do however have a price in mind for each item that I'd be willing to give for it. ^o^
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